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Erin Gillies' practice is based firmly in research. Text, sound and moving image are collected and collated to form personal histories of places and spaces visited, and not visited, by the artist. 

With an interest in curation they have collaboratively worked on exhibitions in Bristol at SPACE Gallery, Centrespace, The Latch, The Old Post Office and UWE Studios. 


Based between Manchester and Bristol, Isaac Jordan’s work presents fragmented, tentative images where at times nothing is as important as something. Working across painting, drawing, animation and collaboration. The artist's work has been exhibited in shows such as BEEP Painting Prize 2020, Swansea, Why Smash Atoms, PS Mirabel, Manchester, Micro, AIR Gallery, Altrincham, That Chopping Sound, SPACE Gallery, Bristol, Fake Covers for Fake Music, Hilbertraum, Berlin.

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